Personal Shopper (2016) Kristen Stewart – Movie Reviews

Kristen Stewart plays Maureen Cartwright, an American artist working in Paris as a personal shopper for an internationally famous model and celebrity named Kyra, who wants her to purchase the latest in designer clothes and jewelry before they are worn by anyone else. Maureen is unhappy in both her career and location, tempted somewhat by her long-distance boyfriend, who is currently living in the sultanate of Oman. What she’s lingering for is some sign from her recently deceased twin brother, who died of a congenital heart condition that she may also fall susceptible to, utilizing their shared gifts as spiritual mediums to make final contact, as they had made a promise to do to prove their belief in life after death, and begin the process of moving on with her life.

The Fate of the Furious (2017) Vin Diesel – Movie Reviews

In this entry, we open with Dominic Toretto on honeymoon with his beloved Letty in Havana, Cuba, where, of course, he gets into a bit of racing for pink slips on the never-too-crowded city streets. Dom finds his stay not entirely blissful when he is confronted and blackmailed by a strange woman called Cipher, who reveals herself to have something on him so powerful that would make him turn away from all he holds dear — his newfangled family of car jocks — in order to go rogue and perform a top secret mission for the cyber-terrorism organization she heads. Now it’s up to the rest of Dom’s crew to figure out what’s making their buddy turn bad guy, joining forces with government goon Mr. Nobody and his by-the-book assistant to throw a wrench in Cipher’s plans to upend the world order she’s threatening thanks to Dominic’s success at the nefarious missions she gives him.

Ghost in the Shell (2017) Scarlett Johansson – Movie Review

Scarlett Johansson stars as Major, a law-enforcement agent whose human brain, after a terrible accident that nearly killed her, has been put into a body that’s entirely synthetic — she’s essentially a robot with a human mind, and the first of her kind. She works for Section 9, a task force currently trying to take down a powerful hacker named Kuze (Pitt, Criminal) who has been using the technology that most humans have been modifying their own bodies and minds with, and controlling them to do his terrorist bidding. As Major gets closer to identifying the hacker, the more she learns of his targets of assassination, which happens to be Hanka Robotics, the very corporation that made her ‘shell’, or her artificial body.