Complete Unknown (2016) Rachel Weisz – Movie Review

Michael Shannon plays Tom, celebrating his birthday at a critical time in his life, wondering what to do when his Persian wife is on the verge of moving from their home in New York to California to continue her education and help in her passion to make jewelry as a career. At the party, Tom’s workmate Clyde brings over a guest, Alice, a new acquaintance he hopes will eventually be more. We know what the guests of Tom’s party does not, thanks to an opening montage: this stranger has had many identities over the years, and Alice is just her latest. When she reveals her past at the party, it becomes all the buzz, and as Tom gets to talking to her more, we soon find out that they are both hiding secrets – the woman who must move on whenever she becomes trapped in a life and the man so set in his ways, he has a hard time leaving even when there’s not much to stay for.

The Hollars (2016) John Krasinski – Movie Review

A man’s mother whas been discovered to have an advanced-stage brain tumor that needs immediate removal, with John Krasinski playing the role of bored office worker and would-be graphic novel author John Hollar, who moved to New York and is currently awaiting the birth of a baby with his well-to-do girlfriend, Becca. He receives a call to return to his Midwest home to be there for his mother Sally’s risky but crucial brain surgery, where he is greeted by his financially struggling plumber father, Don, and his recently laid-off brother Ron, who hasn’t yet been able to move on from his divorce.

The Magnificent Seven | 7 | (2016) Denzel – Movie Review

Set in the year 1879, this new version moves the action from feudal Japan and Mexico to a struggling new town called Rose Creek, who are being bled dry and forced to leave or die from a ruthless and iron-fisted land baron named Bartholomew Bogue, who is looking to continue amassing riches by getting rid of themeek residents of the town to further set up his gold-mining operation. When Bogue’s attempts to terrorize the people of Rose Creek into leaving turn deadly, recently widowed Emma Cullen seeks righteousness and revenge by enlisting the services of fearless duly-appointed warrant officer Sam Chisolm to help protect the town and put an end to Bogue’s murderous ways. With the local sheriff and deputies on his payroll, and an army of desperadoes to protect Bogue, Chisolm knows he’s going to need a formidable team on his side as well, soon enlisting the services of a ragtag group of skilled gunfighters, as well as to train the town of mostly pacifists on how to fight for the town that’s rightfully theirs.

Snowden (2016) Oliver Stone – Movie Reviews

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Edward Snowden (doing a reasonable interpretation of his voice and demeanor), a neoconservative wanting to serve his country but whose military career is cut short due to frequent injuries, turning his sights to working to help is country in another capacity though a career in government intelligence. He proves to be more than adept at this job, which allows him to climb the ranks to higher and higher levels of security clearance within the CIA. However, the closer he looks at their programming, the more disturbed he is to find just how intrusive many of the surveillance software and techniques are under both the Bush and Obama administrations, leading him to have a crisis of conscience on whether the American public has a right to know about how their privacy has eroded in the computer, smart phone, internet and social media age.

Blair Witch (2016) Callie Hernandez – Movie Reviews

As with the first film, we’re greeted with a title blurb informing us that what we’re about to watch is footage found in the woods of Burkittsville, MD — aka, the Black Hills Forest. We see the beginnings of the footage at the home of a 20-ish aged man named James, who has seen a YouTube video that gives him a clue that his sister Heather, who has been missing since trying to document the origins of the Blair Witch, may be still alive in those woods. Embarking on this quest, James seeks the assistance of his filmmaker friend Lisa to record their travels and make it into a documentary, traveling to the area to meet with the YouTuber who shot the footage, bringing along friends Peter and Ashley in tow. They get plenty of their questions answered in due course, though not exactly the way they wanted.

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) Renee Zellweger – Movie Reviews

Bridget is now 43 years old, alone and still living in the same flat in London — no husband and no children — working as a producer for a London televisions news program. On the urging of a friend and colleague, Bridget is cajoled into attending an outdoor music festival where people can expect to get laid, and often, where she soon meets a charismatic and good-looking American dating-site wunderkind named Jack Quant, with whom she decides to “have relations.” About a week later, she runs into her reserved and refined old flame Mark Darcy, who says he’s going through a divorce but still has feelings for her, and they also, “have relations.” when Bridget ends up pregnant, it becomes an awkward situation, as she doesn’t know which of the two appealing men will be the father, and if so, if they will accept the situation of responsibility.

Little Men (2016) Greg Kinnear – Movie Reviews

Jake is an artistically gifted but introverted 13-year-old kid whose therapist mother Kathy and actor father Brian relocate from Manhattan to Brooklyn when they take over the abode of the recently deceased father Brian barely spoke to anymore. The properties inhereted also contain a modest dress shop run by a middle-aged Chilean immigrant named Leonor, who also has a son, Tony, around the same age as Jake. Tony quickly befriends actor-in-training Jake, but difficulties arise between the two families when the lease on the shop is found to not exist, and a major readjustment to the very low rent she had been paying to the grandfather is proposed to keep up with the skyrocketing property prices in the radically changing Brooklyn neighborhood they reside in.

Other People (2016) Molly Shannon – Movie Review

The film takes place over the course of a year, with the primary focus being on a struggling comedy writer and improv comedian named David (Plemmons), returning to his hometown of Sacramento from New York to look after the needs of his terminally ill mother, Joanne (Shannon), uncomfortably reuniting with his mostly estranged father, Norman (Whitford), who has yet to fully accept him since coming out, and two mostly annoying younger sisters. The family is preparing for the inevitable life after Joanne, as she has decided to forego additional grueling chemo treatments and accept her fate with the cancer that is overtaking her. While there, David also begins to find some healing time with dormant familial relationships and a bit of perspective on the other trials and tribulations in his personal, professional and romantic life.

Sully (2016) Tom Hanks – Movie Reviews

Sully is a docudrama that tells the story of the events surrounding the water landing in the New York’s Hudson River for a commercial jet en route to Charlotte piloted by veteran Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger on January 15, 2009. The Airbus A320 lost both engines after flying into a large flock of Canada geese turing takeoff from LaGuardia Airport, causing Sully and co-pilot Jeff Skiles to have to make the quick decision on whether they could make it back to LaGuardia or a nearby airstrip, or if they must take the risky chance of downing the plane in the icy river. The well-publicized end result on that fateful morning was that Sully, all of the crew, and all 150 passengers survived that day, dubbed the “Miracle on the Hudson”, making the pilot an overnight celebrity and hero in the eyes of millions.

Equity (2016) Anna Gunn – Movie Reviews

Naomi Bishop, a self-made, shrewd and successful investment banker who has made great gains in launching highly successful IPOs, though her most recent less-than-stellar effort, in which she was pulled from representing just before launch, had been seen in the media as a black mark on her career. Her latest client is a potential billion-dollar social-media business named Cachet that prides itself on hiring skillful hackers whose know-how have made its CEO confident that all of its clients data is safe and secure from any and all attacks. The film also spotlights two other women related to the event, Erin, Naomi’s protégé in the firm who has been anxiously awaiting seeing more money and opportunities come her way, especially now that she has a baby on the way, and Naomi’s friend from way back, Samantha, a federal prosecutor for the Justice Department who has reemerged in her life in her investigation of alleged securities fraud.