Equity (2016) Anna Gunn – Movie Reviews

Naomi Bishop, a self-made, shrewd and successful investment banker who has made great gains in launching highly successful IPOs, though her most recent less-than-stellar effort, in which she was pulled from representing just before launch, had been seen in the media as a black mark on her career. Her latest client is a potential billion-dollar social-media business named Cachet that prides itself on hiring skillful hackers whose know-how have made its CEO confident that all of its clients data is safe and secure from any and all attacks. The film also spotlights two other women related to the event, Erin, Naomi’s protégé in the firm who has been anxiously awaiting seeing more money and opportunities come her way, especially now that she has a baby on the way, and Naomi’s friend from way back, Samantha, a federal prosecutor for the Justice Department who has reemerged in her life in her investigation of alleged securities fraud.