Get Out (2017) Jordan Peele – Horror-Comedy Movie Review

Daniel Kaluuya stars as photographer Chris Washington, a young African-American involved in a close relationship with the white Rose Armitage, so close that it’s time for Chris to meet Rose’s parents. Chris is nervous about their weekend retreat to Rose’s family lake house because Rose hasn’t told them that he’s black because it doesn’t matter to her, and her liberal parents should be all for it, she gathers. While seemingly fine, Chris undergoes a share of microagressions, assumptions, and patronizations because he is a black man, and things only get worse when he’s involuntarily hypnotized by Rose’s mother, Missy, a hypnotherapist out to cure him of his smoking habit. From there, more of Rose’s family gathers for an annual party at the estate, further compounding his issues in being slighted due to his race, while the black hired help around the house seem to adopt an aggressive stance toward him and his relationship with Rose.

Elle (2016) Isabelle Huppert, Paul Verhoeven – Movie Review

Isabelle Huppert stars as Michele Leblanc, the manager of a video-game company. Michelle is raped by a masked man in her own home. Because of her checkered past, she decides to not report it to the police, and is reticent to tell friends right away. The perpetrator continues to stalk Michele, causing her to seek measures to protect herself, yet she is also conflicted by her fantasies, both terrifying and exhilarating, of what might happen should she be found in that position again.

Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Dakota Johnson – Movie Review

In this follow-up to the wildly popular kinky romance drama Fifty Shades of Grey, we find perpetually blushing publishing-house editorial assistant Anastasia Steele making it through life without the help or attention of controlling Seattle-based mega-billionaire Christian Grey, mostly due to the fact that he couldn’t open himself up to her much beyond his taste for sado-masochistic sexual acts. While Grey tries to move on, he can’t ‘quit’ Ana, forging is way back into her life romantically (on condition that their relationship stay ‘vanilla’), as well as in an attempt to take over ownership of the company that employs her.

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) Will Arnett – Movie Reviews

The Joker here is a bit more of a softie — still a madman, but one that knows the bond of hatred between himself and the Batman needs to be reciprocal so that he can be the yin to his yang. To cement himself as #1 on Batman’s hate list, Joker and a host of other baddies of assorted popularity are out to destroy Gotham City. Batman catches Joker in the act, but still sees him as just another perp to thwart, hatching bigger and bolder ideas to come from the clown madman in trying to assure arch-nemesis status, starting with springing the worst of them from the dreaded Phantom Zone.

John Wick Chapter 2 (2017) Keanu Reeves – Movie Review

John Wick tries to go back into retirement after getting his revenge from those who’ve done him wrong. It would work, except that one particular party, an Italian crime boss named Santino D’Antonio, means to cash in on a marker, a favor he did for Wick some time back, that must be repaid, pulling him in to do another job in the form of an assassination of his sister so that he can take her place in the super-secret organization. Alas, the further Wick gets in, the more enemies out to snuff him out, to the point where they are like the proverbial hydra, sprouting two new enemies for every one he takes down.

Paterson (2016) Jim Jarmusch – Movie Review

Adam Driver stars as Paterson, who coincidentally shares the same name as his town in New Jersey. We follow Paterson over the course of a week in his life, his routines, his conversations with his aspiring baker/singer girlfriend Laura, the conversations he eavesdrops on with the passengers in the city bus he drives, and his interactions with the inhabitants of the local bar he goes to when he takes his English Bulldog Marvin for a walk at night. We also get to follow along as he writes poems every day in his writing notebook, inspired by the writings of famed Paterson poet William Carlos Williams.