Get Out (2017) Jordan Peele – Horror-Comedy Movie Review

Daniel Kaluuya stars as photographer Chris Washington, a young African-American involved in a close relationship with the white Rose Armitage, so close that it’s time for Chris to meet Rose’s parents. Chris is nervous about their weekend retreat to Rose’s family lake house because Rose hasn’t told them that he’s black because it doesn’t matter to her, and her liberal parents should be all for it, she gathers. While seemingly fine, Chris undergoes a share of microagressions, assumptions, and patronizations because he is a black man, and things only get worse when he’s involuntarily hypnotized by Rose’s mother, Missy, a hypnotherapist out to cure him of his smoking habit. From there, more of Rose’s family gathers for an annual party at the estate, further compounding his issues in being slighted due to his race, while the black hired help around the house seem to adopt an aggressive stance toward him and his relationship with Rose.