Blair Witch (2016) Callie Hernandez – Movie Reviews

As with the first film, we’re greeted with a title blurb informing us that what we’re about to watch is footage found in the woods of Burkittsville, MD — aka, the Black Hills Forest. We see the beginnings of the footage at the home of a 20-ish aged man named James, who has seen a YouTube video that gives him a clue that his sister Heather, who has been missing since trying to document the origins of the Blair Witch, may be still alive in those woods. Embarking on this quest, James seeks the assistance of his filmmaker friend Lisa to record their travels and make it into a documentary, traveling to the area to meet with the YouTuber who shot the footage, bringing along friends Peter and Ashley in tow. They get plenty of their questions answered in due course, though not exactly the way they wanted.