Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) Renee Zellweger – Movie Reviews

Bridget is now 43 years old, alone and still living in the same flat in London — no husband and no children — working as a producer for a London televisions news program. On the urging of a friend and colleague, Bridget is cajoled into attending an outdoor music festival where people can expect to get laid, and often, where she soon meets a charismatic and good-looking American dating-site wunderkind named Jack Quant, with whom she decides to “have relations.” About a week later, she runs into her reserved and refined old flame Mark Darcy, who says he’s going through a divorce but still has feelings for her, and they also, “have relations.” when Bridget ends up pregnant, it becomes an awkward situation, as she doesn’t know which of the two appealing men will be the father, and if so, if they will accept the situation of responsibility.