Complete Unknown (2016) Rachel Weisz – Movie Review

Michael Shannon plays Tom, celebrating his birthday at a critical time in his life, wondering what to do when his Persian wife is on the verge of moving from their home in New York to California to continue her education and help in her passion to make jewelry as a career. At the party, Tom’s workmate Clyde brings over a guest, Alice, a new acquaintance he hopes will eventually be more. We know what the guests of Tom’s party does not, thanks to an opening montage: this stranger has had many identities over the years, and Alice is just her latest. When she reveals her past at the party, it becomes all the buzz, and as Tom gets to talking to her more, we soon find out that they are both hiding secrets – the woman who must move on whenever she becomes trapped in a life and the man so set in his ways, he has a hard time leaving even when there’s not much to stay for.