Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Movie Review

Asa Butterfield stars as Jacob, an American teenager close to his grandfather, Abe, who would frequently impart his fanciful stories of his own youth spent at the peculiar home of the story’s title. The home is run by Miss Peregrine, who caters to orphan children who possess strange and magical traits (one has bees living within him, another with a mouth on the back of her neck, another with the strength of ten men, etc.). When his grandfather passes, Jacob determines to find if Abe’s stories about the magical home off the coast of Wales is real, but he discovers the place in rubble, bombed out by Nazis during World War II. However, Jacob soon discovers that a ‘time loop’ in which the orphanage continues to exist on the fateful day of the bombing in 1943, thanks to Miss Peregrine’s ability to reverse time one day, every day. However, even the time loop may not be enough to save them, as the viciously evil Barron and his grotesque Hollowgast friends are out to snuff ‘peculiars’ out.