The Magnificent Seven | 7 | (2016) Denzel – Movie Review

Set in the year 1879, this new version moves the action from feudal Japan and Mexico to a struggling new town called Rose Creek, who are being bled dry and forced to leave or die from a ruthless and iron-fisted land baron named Bartholomew Bogue, who is looking to continue amassing riches by getting rid of themeek residents of the town to further set up his gold-mining operation. When Bogue’s attempts to terrorize the people of Rose Creek into leaving turn deadly, recently widowed Emma Cullen seeks righteousness and revenge by enlisting the services of fearless duly-appointed warrant officer Sam Chisolm to help protect the town and put an end to Bogue’s murderous ways. With the local sheriff and deputies on his payroll, and an army of desperadoes to protect Bogue, Chisolm knows he’s going to need a formidable team on his side as well, soon enlisting the services of a ragtag group of skilled gunfighters, as well as to train the town of mostly pacifists on how to fight for the town that’s rightfully theirs.