Good Boys (2019) | Gene Stupnitsky

The raunchy story surrounds three 12-year-old boys, best friends since kindergarten, dubbing themselves the Bean Bag Boys because — well, they all had beanbags. Now they’re in middle school and finding it hard to cope with the pressure of their peers to be considered cool among them. Max (Jacob Tremblay) has a crush and might be able to finally make a connection with the object of his desires once he gets invited to a ‘kissing party’ where the popular kids are all going. Trouble is, he doesn’t know how to kiss (or, apparently, how to figure out where to find out). Thor (Brady Noon) is the gifted singer who gives up on it because he doesn’t want to be teased, especially as he already is getting the nickname of “Sippy Cup” because he refuses to drink from a bottle of beer with the other boys. Lucas’s (Keith L. Williams) parents are getting divorced, leaving him feeling out of sorts, and his sense of right and wrong tend to make him unable to understand why his friends are so willing to bend the rules to score points with other kids that don’t seem to care about their well-being at all.