Mad Max: Fury Road (Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron) Film review

his time out, Max Rockatansky is played by Tom Hardy, an established actor known for playing many complex, troubled antiheroes, so a natural fit for the part. He’s an ex-cop in post-apocalyptic Australia. His travels eventually lead him to abetting the fierce and heroic Imperator Furiosa, who is on a cross-country journey in a mega-tanker through desolate wasteland to transport five pregnant women used by a vicious, slaving despot named Immortan Joe for breeding purposes to a legendary oasis of her youth (“the place where it’s green”). As one of his children is ready to pop, Joe is going to get that child at any cost, so the deadly chase is afoot, with Furiosa and Max greatly outnumbered against the horde of sadistic “war boys” in Joe’s command, willing to do whatever it takes to stop the exodus from succeeding.