Spy (Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig) Movie Review

McCarthy plays a CIA computer specialist names Susan Cooper, whose job it is to monitor a dreamboat of a field agent named Bradley Fine and try to give him suggestions (via an earpiece) to keep him safe, based on what she sees and hears from the hidden surveillance equipment he carries within a contact lens.  That comes to an end when Fine is taken down by a Bulgarian arms dealer named Rayna Boyanov, who lets it be known that she knows who all of their top spooks are and to stay away, lest they befall the same fate.  With a deal about to go down involving a stolen nuke between Rayna and an Italian terrorist, time is of the essence, so Susan volunteers to fly to Paris surveil the situation as an operative herself in order to get the intel needed before bringing in the big guns.  However, her gung-ho attitude, along with a buttinski disgruntled rogue agent named Rick Ford, makes her ability to stay inconspicuous quite the chore.