Trainwreck (2015) Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow – Movie Review

Comedian Amy Schumer gets her chance to shine on the big screen with Trainwreck, playing, appropriately, Amy, working by day as a journalist at a men’s lifestyle and celebrity gossip publication, but who drinks hard, gets high, and carouses with the opposite sex even harder when not on the clock. Life’s in a predictable pattern of not getting too committed to things until she is assigned a piece on a famous sports doctor named Aaron. Meanwhile, Amy has even more on her plate when her philandering, hard-drinking father, Gordon, is hospitalized and put into assisted living, while Kim, Amy’s pragmatic married sister, is constantly trying to get her to give up her hedonistic ways. It culminates in Amy coming to rely on the rock-solid support of Aaron, while all the while fighting off getting in too deep due to her own feelings on the kind of life that she should be leading.