The Martian – Matt Damon, Ridley Scott – Movie Review

A NASA mission finds a group of scientists and astronauts on the surface of Mars collecting info and samples of the native soil.  Their mission ends prematurely when a major dust storm flings rocks and other debris around, causing the crew to head toward their spacecraft to leave the area, leaving behind a fallen team member, Mark Watney, who has been presumed to have died during the storm.  Only Watney doesn’t die, though he is quite injured, but manages to make it back to the Mars station for a bit of healing and contemplation on the fact that he is now stranded with no means of communication, and likely to die when one of his many precious resources (food, water, air) runs out.  About four years out from the next expected mission to Mars, Watney decides he’s going to use his training in botany and engineering to try to not only figure out a way to extend his chances of survival as long as he can, but he’s also going to have to find a way to let those on Earth know he’s still alive on the hopes they’ll come back before it’s too late for him.