Pan (2015) Levi Miller, Hugh Jackman – Movie Review

Starting out in London around 1930 we find a young and anguished mother leaving her newborn baby on the doorstep of an orphanage. During the bomb-ravaged times of World War II, years later, the baby grows into a spirited young lad, Peter, who quickly makes friends with the fellow boys in the orphanage, but even faster enemies with the badgering nuns that run the facility. Things get complicated when Peter learns that other boys have gone mysteriously missing in the night, and he wants to get to the bottom of things before he ends up the same. Peter finds out firsthand soon enough when pirates from the sky descend upon the building and steal him and all the other lads away to their flying pirate ship, run by the ruthless Blackbeard, who uses them for cheap labor in mining fairy dust from a land he’s dubbed Neverland.
However, when a cruel punishment reveals Peter’s ability to fly (something the boy didn’t even know he had in him), Blackbeard recalls a chosen-one prophecy of a rebellion led by a boy, born from the union of a fairy prince father and human mother, who could fly and makes him very wary of Peter. The boy’s put into pirate jail, where he soon befriends and American(?) adventurer named James Hook, who springs them out and takes them to the land of fairies transplanted when the pirates took over Neverland, where the scrappy mystic Tiger Lily leads. Peter thinks that Neverland has the key to being reunited with his mother again, and together with the newfound rebels, the prophecy Blackbeard fears takes root.