Steve Jobs (2015) Michael Fassbender – Movie Review

Steve Jobs is written by highly acclaimed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who scored big with another tech industry biography with 2008’s The Social Network. Although Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography on Jobs published in 2011 provides many of the facts used in the film, Sorkin takes all of those facts and conversations and eaves them into its own fictional circumstances, setting all of the backstage drama in the ramp-up to three key product launches in the career of Jobs, 1984’s Apple Macintosh, 1988’s NeXT “Cube”, and 1998’s iMac.  Handlers, work associates near and not-so-dear, skeptical tech journalists, demanding ex-girlfriend named Chrisann Brennan, and even Lisa, an estranged daughter Jobs denies is even his, come in and out of the story as he preps for going out on stage and trying to wow the crowd in his hype for another one of his uniquely designed consumer products.