The Night Before (2015) Seth Rogen – Movie Review

Isaac, Ethan, and Chris are friends since childhood who’ve made it a point, after Ethan’s parents are killed by a drunk driver, to get together on every Christmas Eve in order to party like there’s no tomorrow. (Yes, they’re going to commemorate someone else’s drunken revelry that led to a tragedy that left one of them becoming an orphan by engaging in it themselves.) Now into their thirties and ready to get serious about family and career, they’ve decided that this year’s night of debauchery will be their last. Knowing they should go out with a bang, Ethan manages to steal tickets to the biggest and most exclusive party in New York City. However, there are several factors that threaten to make the night not last, including Ethan’s inability to get over his ex, dad-to-be Isaac’s over-consumption of the box of various drugs his nine-months-pregnant wife has given him, and burgeoning football star Chris wanting to desperately to score point with the captains on his team that he means to secure a stash of weed they’ve asked him to bring to the bash.