45 Years (2015) Charlotte Rampling – Movie Reviews

On the verge of celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary, wife Kate is putting together all of the necessities for their big party at an esteemed hall in the English countryside, while husband Geoff seems to be preoccupied. What’s been on his mind has stemmed from a letter he’s received that the body of the woman he was involved with before he met Kate, a woman named Katya, has been found frozen in a glacier in Switzerland, preserved nearly as it had been since she fell into a fissure as they were exploring through the area in 1962. As they had told people there they were married in order to keep their rooming arrangements from being questioned, Geoff has been considered the next of kin, and has therefore been the one notified. This is all news to Kate, who is curious not only as to why, after spending most of her life with someone, he never shared this with her, but also as to why the news of her found body is causing Geoff to exhibit new behavior, taking up smoking again, spending time in the attic looking at old items, reading books he’s had since before she’s met him, and listening to music he hasn’t listened to since he was young. After forty-five years of marriage, Kate wonders is she has been number two in Geoff’s heart all of those years.