Ride Along 2 (2016) Kevin Hart, Ice Cube – Movie Review

We pick up not long after the first entry with Hart’s character, Ben Barber, now a probationary officer for the Atlanta Police Department.  He’s just a little over a week away from marrying his beloved fiancée Angela, sister of his former reluctant partner-in-crime-fighting James Payton.  Once again, James finds himself in a situation in which he decides to take Ben as a partner in order to embarrass him by showing just how over his head he will be in dealing with real dangerous criminals, as the two head out to Miami for a ‘milk run’ to gain information that will lead to taking down Antonio Pope, an influential businessman who is also murderous big-time drug kingpin who is controlling the flow of narcotics between the two cities.  Teaming up with a bravado Miami detective named Maya, as well as A.J., Pope’s computer hacker-turned-informant, it’s up to James to get his man and keep his future brother-in-law alive long enough to see his wedding day.