How to Be Single (2016) Dakota Johnson – Movie Review

Dakota Johnson gets the lead role as Alice, who decides that she and her long-term college boyfriend Josh should break up for a while in order to experience what being single is actually like before they proceed through the rest of their lives together.  She takes up a job as a paralegal in a law firm, where she meets the boisterous Robin, who shows her the ropes of the life of a single girl in New York City — important things like never paying for drinks and not using an Emoji before returning a text (after waiting a day to even do it).  Meanwhile, Alice’s sister Meg, a workaholic in the medical industry with no time for a relationship or starting a family, decides that, perhaps, it’s time to rethink those notions.  Unlike Meg, Lucy is on a gaggle of dating sites trying to find the man with whom she’ll marry and start a family with through a series of algorithms she’s sure will be the path to success.