Gods of Egypt (2016) Gerard Butler – Fantasy Movie Reviews

The film is set in Ancient Egypt, at a time when gods and human co-existed in the lands. The gods were like humans, mortal and fallible, but were twice as tall and their veins coursed with gold instead of blood. Each of them also had unique superhuman abilities like flight. Our main protagonist is Horus, the god of the air, who is set to ascend to take over Egypt from his father Osiris. However, those plans are soon foiled when Set, the arrogant and ambitious younger brother of Osiris, mounts a murderous coup and takes over the lands himself, plucking out Horus’ eyes in the process, rendering him powerless. It’s a dark time for Egypt, who all, gods and men alike, become subservient to their new king Set, who also immediately makes the newly dead pay a heavy fee in order to secure a place in the afterlife. Meanwhile, a roguish human named Bek, seeking to resurrect his murdered love Zaya with divine help, allies with the banished Horus to thwart Set’s quest to steal away all of the powers of the remaining gods.