The Young Messiah (2016) Sean Bean – Movie Reviews

The film starts with young Jesus with his family, having fled to Egypt due to a decree by Herod the Great to find the child that had managed to escape slaughter as a babe seven years back. At this point in his life, Jesus isn’t yet aware of his divine identity, having recently been able to resurrect a dead bird. While there, Jesus has his first run-in with a crafty Demon who is trying to alter events against the young Son of God, resulting in circumstances that cause Jesus to employ his ability to raise the dead yet again. Meanwhile, as Herod’s reported death clears the coast for the family for the long road back to their home in Nazareth, Roman Centurion named Severus is tasked by Herod’s new reigning son, also called Herod, with investigating the whereabouts of the boy, and, if found, putting an end to his life. Along the way, Jesus finally confronts the hows and whys of what makes him different than other little boys his age.