Rams (2015) Grimur Hakonarson – Movie reviews

We mostly follow the film from the perspective of mild-mannered Gummi (Sigurjonsson), who beams with pride on his stock of sheep, entering his ram into a local competition for the best example of good breeding. We see him narrowly losing the latest competition to his neighbor and estranged alcoholic and temperamental brother Kiddi, which leaves a bitter taste in Gummi’s mouth not only for the loss, but it’s a loss to the man he most detests in this world.

During the aftermath, Gummi decides to inspect Kiddi’s winning ram and is disturbed to find it appears to be a little ill, perhaps showing signs of the dreaded scrapie, a contagious degenerative illness in sheep that affects their brains and spinal cords. He reports the incident to the local veterinary council, who immediately inspect the ram in question, raising the dander of Kiddi for the imposition, with the results leading to the slaughter of all of the sheep in the valley if true, with no possibility of new sheep farming for at least two years — something that the prideful Kiddi will likely not take kindly too, especially as it is viewed as an act of jealousy and spite from his scornful brother.