Eye in the Sky (2015) Helen Mirren – Movie Reviews

Bouncing the action around between Air Force operations based in the United States, war rooms in England, and a small village in Kenya, the storyline involves one such potential strike of a house in Kenya in which there is a meeting among several higher-ups in the terrorist organization known as al-Shabbab.

The difficulty in taking these terrorists out comes from the collateral damage that will occur in their particular location, especially when the potential collateral damage assessment has a public face in the form of a young Kenyan girl who has set up shop just outside of the perimeter of their headquarters, where they are planning to strap on a vest of explosives to be used in an imminent a suicide bombing. Can they intentionally kill the girl to potentially save the lives of dozens of others, by averting the suicide bombing about to happen? What will the political fallout be for all involved, and is it worth the risk of action, or inaction?