Suicide Squad (2016) Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie Review

The Dirty Dozen-inspired plotline involves black ops ringleader, federal agent Amanda Waller, bringing together Task Force X, a group of strangers, all violently criminal super-powered sociopaths locked away in elaborately imagined high-security prisons, forced to do the government’s dirty work to stave off the threat of other meta-humans that, in the wake of the death of Earth’s savior, Superman, can’t be stopped by conventional forces. To keep these fiercely independent baddies under control, these criminals are injected with micro-explosives (a la Escape from New York) through which Waller can detonate them with the touch of a phone app, and to sweeten the deal, promises of reduced sentences. Their first big mission ends up being taking down the evil, ancient entity known as Enchantress, who has usurped, for spells, the body of a scientist named Dr. June Moone — an entity once controlled by Waller but she managed to finally break free from the curse that bound her.