Sausage Party (2016) Seth Rogen – Movie Review

The food items at the supermarket named Shopwell’s are excited about the prospects of the annual ‘4th of July’ sale, where many of them get chosen by the ‘gods’ to go to the promised land of the “Great Beyond.” The most excited are the members of a package of ten phallic sausages, especially Frank, who becomes enamored of what he hopes will be his future companion, Brenda, who is one of a collection of eight vulvic hot dog buns. As luck would have it, the god selects both of their respective packages, but a returned jar of honey mustard warns them of the horrors that await them all once they leave the store (i.e., getting sliced, diced, cooked and consumed), leading to a series of events that has Frank, Brenda, and company out of the packages and on to a crazy odyssey as they mill about within the store.