Pete’s Dragon (2016) DIsney – Movie Reviews

The gentle, dreamlike film starts with some of the heavier material when we find the titular Pete as a very young boy left orphaned after a car crash, leaving him alone in the dense woods of the Pacific Northwest with seemingly no one to protect him — that is until a kind-hearted giant green dragon, also gone astray from his own family, comes along to take the child under his wing, almost literally, and raise him for the next six years in seclusion. That’s when Pete, now ten years old, is discovered by a friendly forest ranger named Grace, who takes the lad home with her daughter Natalie and fiancĂ©e Jack until they can find out where Pete’s home actually is. However, complications arise then Jack’s brother, Gavin, run into Elliot, which is what Pete has called the dragon, while they’re out in the woods working for their logging company, seeing a means to become wealthy if they can capture the magical creature for all the world to see.