Lo and Behold (2016) Werner Herzog – Movie Reviews

Filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog continues his fascination with the current state of the planet Earth and its inhabitants with Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, which seeks to show how the internet has changed the way human beings live and perceive one another, with advancements in technology that has been of great benefit to us all, while at the same time been a source of pain and angst for many others. Directing and narrating the piece, Herzog offers these reveries, these “daydreams and musings”, in bite-sized vignettes, starting with the origin of the internet in a small laboratory on the UCLA campus in 1969 (the first transmission, meant to transmit the word “L-O-G” to another computer at Stanford University but crashed after the first two letters, forms the inspiration of the film’s title), all the way to the possible future in potential settlements in space beyond Earth.