Inferno (2016) Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones – Movie Reviews

The third film in the Dan Brown adaptation series that already includes The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons sees Tom Hanks return to play main Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who we find at the beginning of the story waking up with a head injury in a hospital in Florence, Italy. Langdon can’t remember how he got there, or much of anything else in recent memory, but someone apparently wants him dead, causing a hasty escape, with his British doctor, Sienna Brooks, who just so happens to be an avid fan of his scholarly books on secret codes, in tow. Soon enough, both of their skills at finding connections through great works of art and European history are put to use, from analysis of Boticelli paintings to new interpretations of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” (the first part of which the film derives its title), leading them on a race against time across the Mediterranean to thwart a secret society’s plan to launch a plague that will wipe out half of the Earth’s human population, ostensibly to prevent complete extinction.