Manchester by the Sea (2016) Casey Affleck – Movie Review

Manchester by the Sea is a drama concerning a contentious Boston ‘burb janitor named Lee Chandler, working with little joy for a meager wage and a basic one-room abode. It turns out that there is a reason for him being anguished at this stage in his life, which is something we come to know more about as the film plays out. He’s prone to getting into fights, he’s resistant to making emotional connections, and, in general, he’s a person too wrapped up in trying to suppress his own thoughts and feelings all of his waking hours that he has little energy to expend in trying to deal with the needs of those around him. In short, he’s a man in grief but hasn’t yet dealt with it head on, and actively avoids anything that might push his mind toward any notions he’s just not ready, willing or able to.