The Founder (2016) Michael Keaton – Movie Review

Set primarily in the 1950s, we find Ray Kroc is a struggling traveling salesman trying to peddle an electric milkshake mixer that promises to spark sales by increasing the supply by shortening the wait time involved with having to churn out one milkshake at a time. Sales are not going well, until he receives one big order from someone he hasn’t spoken to directly.

Sensing an opportunity for more business with this mysterious buyer, Kroc travels out to the source of the order in San Bernardino, California, where he meets Dick and Mac McDonald, the owners of a bustling burger joint called McDonald’s, which prides itself on offering a great product at a low price served hot and fast in an assembly-line process that recalls the innovation of Henry Ford. When Kroc sees the setup, he can’t help but think they couldn’t make money hand over fist by franchising restaurants just like it from coast to coast.