Kong: Skull Island (2017) Brie Larson – Movie Review

After an introductory sequence set during World War II to introduce the massive ape, Kong, and the island he resides on, we spring ahead to 1973, where we find the United States’ government, in the waning days of their involvement in Vietnam, planning an exploration of the previously uncharted island in the South Pacific perpetually under storm clouds, hoping to lay claim there before the Russians get there first. Kong is there and greets the military choppers in the manner you’d expect, i.e. he destroys them outright. Those that survive the onslaught find that the island is full of other creatures even more menacing than Kong, especially the “skullcrawlers” (as long-surviving WWII pilot Hank Marlow calls them), who lurk like carnivorous, two-legged dinosaurs around the island consuming every creature in sight.