Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Tom Holland – Movie Review

In this outing, we find Peter Parker as an awkward teenager, who has a crush on schoolmate Liz, while also brushing up on his knowledge on a school team vying for a national academic competition. He also happens to have an internship with part-time father figure Tony Stark, who is using the opportunity to mentor the lad on the ways to use his technologically advanced costume that’s enhanced like a magic Swiss-army knife by an AI control device Peter dubs ‘Karen’ (all tech courtesy of Stark Industries) to thwart criminals around the city. He gets more than his match when the Vulture, a spurned blue-collar Joe turned hi-tech criminal named Adrian Toomes, comes on the scene, having confiscated alien technology (from the Chitauri, as a seen in Marvel’s The Avengers) in order to manufacture and sell ultra-powerful weapons on the black market.