Zootopia (2016) Disney Zootropolis – Movie Reviews

Judy Hopps is a bunny rabbit from farm country who always wanted to be a police officer in the big mammal-filled metropolis of Zootopia, where all of the animals have given up their predator/prey ways in order to live in harmony and can be what they really dram to be in life — at least, that’s the ideal they strive to achieve.  She ends up getting her wish when she’s hired as the first rabbit in the new-look ZPD (Zootropia Police Department).  Not being a large or sturdy mammal, she isn’t taken seriously, relegated to the somewhat thankless token role as meter maid. 

Nick Wilde is a sly fox in town who spends all his days working on big cons, including fleecing bleeding-heart Judy from a bit of money he parlays into much more.  Eventually, Judy leans on the highly connected Nick in order to provide information on an actual criminal case she stumbles into, and after a run-in with her tough-as-nails boss, she ends up having to solve within 48 hours, involving a missing otter.  The investigation leads to uncovering a much bigger story involving predators going back to their old ways and causing a state of fear once again among the overwhelming majority populace of prey that leads to an increasing level of mistrust toward whole groups of animals who’ve done nothing wrong.