Triple 9 (2016) – Chiwetel Ejiofor – Movie Review

A group of five ex-special ops guys now working in Atlanta as criminals, but most novel about the situation is that some of them are also cops.  The film opens with the group perpetrating an elaborate bank heist in order to get the contents of a specific safety deposit box for a powerful Russian/Israeli mafia.  The men are told that this is the last operation they’re indebted to do, but its apparently not enough for what that mafia needs, and they coerce the men to put their lives on the line one more time to extract some data from highly guarded government building that will be a magnet for all police in the area to respond to once they get a call.  The men know it’s far from a typical smash and grab, so they decide that what they need to do is buy some time to keep the cops at bay, and the surest way to do that is to stage a “triple 9” (officer down), which will shake up the hornets nest of police while they go in and do the heist with some leeway.