Cafe Society (2016) Woody Allen – Movie Review

Set in the 1930s, Jesse Eisenberg stars as Bobby Dorfman, a young Bronxite and aspiring writer who calls on his distant uncle Phil to hook him up with a job in his top-flight talent agency in Hollywood. Shortly after relocating, Phil sends hisassistant, the decidedly glamour-averse Vonnie, to show his young nephew around the town, and the two soon hit it off as friends. However, friendship turns to feelings for Bobby, but she says she’s seeing someone else, though Bobby doesn’t know that her beau is, in fact, married uncle Phil. However, when Phil looks like he can’t quite pull the trigger and leave his wife for Vonnie once and for all, Bobby gets his chance at burgeoning love, though things get far more complicated when all of the players begin putting the pieces of the love triangle’s thorny entanglements together.