Jason Bourne (2016) Matt Damon – Movie Review

This chapter in the saga finds Jason Bourne giving up the spy game and living completely off the grid, earning his keep as a bruising slugger in the Eastern European underground fighting circuit. That’s until he’s pulled out by his old crony in the CIA, Nicky Parsons, who has gone rogue to deliver intel to Jason that she’s hacked regarding the identity and mysterious death of his father, as well as his key involvement in a top-secret government operation. Tenacious CIA director Robert Dewey is hot on their trail, but he doesn’t so much want Bourne to come in out of the cold so much as think he is better off dead for being unobtainable and knowing far too much, which might jeopardize their current plot to utilize a monumentally popular social-media platform dubbed “Deep Dream” to spy on the majority of the world’s population. Dewey’s underling, Heather Lee, meanwhile, searches for a way to get Bourne on board without taking him out.