Weiner (2016) Anthony Weiner Documentary – Movie Reviews

Weiner is a behind-the-scenes documentary covering the publicly disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner and his bid for mayor of New York City in 2013. Carrying a great deal of baggage going in, Weiner manages to gain some traction by claiming that his indiscretions, which had to do with multiple instances of sexting, exchange of nude photographs, and phone sex with several women admirers he had been in contact with but reportedly had never met, were a thing of the past. As he becomes the frontrunner in the race, new information regarding the allegations arise, resulting in additional scandal and subsequent damage control on the part of the campaign to address the salacious details, as well as the trust issues that emerge due to Weiner’s inability to handle the deluge of personal questions that he hopes will blow over, but only causes the campaign to control the damage only causes his bid to spin even further put of control.

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) Meryl Streep – Movie Reviews

Set in New York during the mid 1940s, Stephen Frears’ film about a real-life, upper-class heiress with a zest for music and charitable works gives Meryl Streep another juicy role that taps into even more of her seemingly boundless talent as an actress, and as a singer (many of her more recent roles have utilized her vocal talent), even as a very good singer who has to sing quite badly. A former child prodigy at the piano who can no longer play due to an injured hand, Foster finds a way to keep herself in the limelight when she becomes a singer of opera, which she has done for friends or in small venues, while her doting husband-at-heart, St. Clair Bayfield, massages the crowd to her favor, whether through sympathy for their social enablers, to whom Florence Foster Jenkins has been a great benefactor of their art, or with a bit of bribery for members of the press, who go on to give warm reviews to her performances.

Sausage Party (2016) Seth Rogen – Movie Review

The food items at the supermarket named Shopwell’s are excited about the prospects of the annual ‘4th of July’ sale, where many of them get chosen by the ‘gods’ to go to the promised land of the “Great Beyond.” The most excited are the members of a package of ten phallic sausages, especially Frank, who becomes enamored of what he hopes will be his future companion, Brenda, who is one of a collection of eight vulvic hot dog buns. As luck would have it, the god selects both of their respective packages, but a returned jar of honey mustard warns them of the horrors that await them all once they leave the store (i.e., getting sliced, diced, cooked and consumed), leading to a series of events that has Frank, Brenda, and company out of the packages and on to a crazy odyssey as they mill about within the store.

Don’t Think Twice (2016) Mike Birbiglia – Movie Review

Birbiglia plays Miles, the eldest member of the Commune at 36, who teaches improv to younger up-and-comers in his spare time. He feed the hopes and dreams they all have, though all the while, he has grown more cynical and bitter with each passing year of finding himself exactly in the same place as he was the year before, while many of those who’ve learned from him are doing what he can only dream to do. Even though it seems a longshot at this point in his career, he sees little hope but to press on, even if the Brooklyn theater that hosts their shows is on the verge of closing down, and effectively putting the Commune on hiatus.
However, another member of the tight-knit troupe, Jack, has a career trajectory that looks like it has more promise, even landing an audition with “Weekend Live” that could mean a regular gig, and perhaps parlay this into a long-running career in comedy on TV and in films, if chosen. His girlfriend Samantha, who is also in the Commune and who also lands an audition, but feels less certain she can make that next step in her profession, finding it a scary proposition to effectively end her dreams by actually achieving them — that it is always beyond her reach is what keeps her running after them.

Suicide Squad (2016) Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie Review

The Dirty Dozen-inspired plotline involves black ops ringleader, federal agent Amanda Waller, bringing together Task Force X, a group of strangers, all violently criminal super-powered sociopaths locked away in elaborately imagined high-security prisons, forced to do the government’s dirty work to stave off the threat of other meta-humans that, in the wake of the death of Earth’s savior, Superman, can’t be stopped by conventional forces. To keep these fiercely independent baddies under control, these criminals are injected with micro-explosives (a la Escape from New York) through which Waller can detonate them with the touch of a phone app, and to sweeten the deal, promises of reduced sentences. Their first big mission ends up being taking down the evil, ancient entity known as Enchantress, who has usurped, for spells, the body of a scientist named Dr. June Moone — an entity once controlled by Waller but she managed to finally break free from the curse that bound her.

Captain Fantastic (2016) Viggo Mortensen – Movie Review

Viggo Mortensen stars as Ben Cash, a father of six (ages range from six to eighteen), living “off the grid” in the remote dense wilderness of the Pacific Northwest as part of some sort of self-imposed counterculture exile, where they live off mostly of what’s out in nature in a ritualistic fashion — hunting, farming, rock climbing, survivalist training, and keeping physically fit, as well as mentally agile, learning from some of the great thinkers and philosophers, some quite revolutionary and controversial, the world has ever known. They’re all anxiously awaiting his bipolar wife Leslie to be cured of a disease during her hospital stay back in her home town in New Mexico when word comes that she has taken her own life. Though father-in-law Jack, who blames Ben for poisoning his daughter and grandchildren with his cultish hippie beliefs, explicitly tells him to stay away or get arrested, he packs the family bus and the septet vacate their bohemian digs and are off on the long road trip to crash the funeral. The kids, who’ve spent their entire lives away from any form of other civilization not found in their novels and textbooks, find so-called civilized society to be a crazier place than they’ve ever imagined.

Jason Bourne (2016) Matt Damon – Movie Review

This chapter in the saga finds Jason Bourne giving up the spy game and living completely off the grid, earning his keep as a bruising slugger in the Eastern European underground fighting circuit. That’s until he’s pulled out by his old crony in the CIA, Nicky Parsons, who has gone rogue to deliver intel to Jason that she’s hacked regarding the identity and mysterious death of his father, as well as his key involvement in a top-secret government operation. Tenacious CIA director Robert Dewey is hot on their trail, but he doesn’t so much want Bourne to come in out of the cold so much as think he is better off dead for being unobtainable and knowing far too much, which might jeopardize their current plot to utilize a monumentally popular social-media platform dubbed “Deep Dream” to spy on the majority of the world’s population. Dewey’s underling, Heather Lee, meanwhile, searches for a way to get Bourne on board without taking him out.

Cafe Society (2016) Woody Allen – Movie Review

Set in the 1930s, Jesse Eisenberg stars as Bobby Dorfman, a young Bronxite and aspiring writer who calls on his distant uncle Phil to hook him up with a job in his top-flight talent agency in Hollywood. Shortly after relocating, Phil sends hisassistant, the decidedly glamour-averse Vonnie, to show his young nephew around the town, and the two soon hit it off as friends. However, friendship turns to feelings for Bobby, but she says she’s seeing someone else, though Bobby doesn’t know that her beau is, in fact, married uncle Phil. However, when Phil looks like he can’t quite pull the trigger and leave his wife for Vonnie once and for all, Bobby gets his chance at burgeoning love, though things get far more complicated when all of the players begin putting the pieces of the love triangle’s thorny entanglements together.